K100 All-SSD NAS

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built-in capacity: 256G
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About Aiffro K100 All-SSD NAS

With the formidable power of flash memory technology, Aiffro K100 All-SSD/Flash NAS delivers unparalleled speed and responsiveness, making your workflow more efficient and seamless. Achieve higher speeds, lower latency, and unmatched durability.






Aluminum alloy


Intel N100

Video Engine Processor

Intel UHD Graphics 12th



All SSD NAS K100

Equipped with the Intel Alder Lake N100 processor, this system showcases the 7nm Gracemont architecture, featuring 4 cores, 4 threads, a 6MB cache, and a peak clock speed of 3.40GHz. Its robust computing capabilities are ideal for high-performance applications, including DIY NAS setups, ensuring efficient data management and storage solutions.

Included in the box

The K100 Device

Data Cable

Charging Plug

K100 Features

-Ideal for enterprise data centers, professional photography, and video editing studios.

-Supporting 4 SSD slots (2280 M.2 PCIE Gen3*2) to meet growing storage needs.

 -Offering data backup and recovery capabilities, supporting data encryption, access control, and RAID technology.

-Suitable for various applications such as media servers, backup servers, and virtualization environments, catering to different user needs.

-Utilizing Intel UHD Graphics 12th for image editing, video rendering, and other graphics-intensive tasks.

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